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You know why my books are online instead of in stores or local libraries in the nations across the world? Because as an Indie Author, I am scared even to ask my own local library if they could take my books and the fact I live in a Christianity state that is against LGBTQ Communities, trust me I would love to see my books on shelves for people to grab at any point and can learn about true love whether teacher and student, best friends, princess and angel, and so many other worlds but we all know in society we still face with bullying an hatred. I am not saying I can't do it, it is just that I won't because I know this area lived here for ten years and even I was to go into Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million i'd probably be getting looked at quite funny especially around these neck of the woods for wanting Lesbian Fiction in a section to be found either Romance or Fiction but yes, that is why when you go to library or a bookstore let them know hey, I want this from this author on the shelves and since I go under two names it does make it complicated for people to remember not unless they wrote it down. I am not telling my readers not to help me, I would love all the help I can to get my books in stores out in Public get my name seen especially pictures of my books from people picking them up where ever they can be found but it isn't that easy an I can't do it alone. My books are all online right now from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and any other online retail that is grabbing them for their shelves but you will never ever find mine in an actual library or bookstore not unless you go to your own library or bookstore an recommend. So, if you are a reader in West Virginia my current home state or if you live in my actual home state Florida, I would be happy to see someone with my books in their hands but anywhere around the world with my books would make my whole day, like I said though I will not do it here on my own because I am scared and have every right to be being a lesbian myself in a closed nit community. I will never stop writing though that is a fact and I love Indie Author's that have their books on bookshelves that is impressive but as for me, I am just a small town woman with hopes and dreams like everyone else.



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Good afternoon!

I know you are surprised to see me back after family and friends relaxed me, calming me down, I have decided to put my books back on market, no, I will not be using this name anymore I am going back to my real name Amber M. Kestner but I want everyone to enjoy Annora Rose's books at least the one's that do care and if I do use Annora Rose it'll either be for continuing series or a novel that never got released for now since my stalkers are giving me hell I am not releasing any more except for Jana & Angel Vol. 3

Surprise announcement if no one has heard on this end, I am expecting my second child with my husband Larry that is why writing has slow down too.

Here is a list of books currently available and will be by tomorrow:

Jana & Angel Vol. 1 & 2
A Girl For Her Novel
Clinging To Love
Beauty and The Outcast
Gothic Princess & Angel Series Vol. 1 & 2
Dating Miss. Lillian

Keeping Her A Secret is under my new Inkitt name and can be found on MelsMom201…

Work, work, work...WRITERS BLOCK!

Good morning!

*sips coffee* Oh, what a beautiful Friday. You are wondering why I made the blog post like this? Well, to begin unfortunately Keeping Her A Secret has become a road block(writers block) and it was getting good. Don't worry some how, some way that book will eventually be Published with over 75,000k words as soon as I can get past 10k, it's only at 7k so still long ways from completion.

As you already aware ALL books from both accounts are on market from Amber M. Kestner(my real name) and Annora Rose(pen name). Now what you might not be aware of if you haven't read any blog posts is that I am still writing, yep, stalkers can't keep me down forever(jealous much). My best friend Courtney Phillips from Middle School(yes, we are like really close) she is my go to. Anyways, she has read ALL EIGHT of my books, and not a single complaint. Her favorite is A GIRL FOR HER SERIES, mhm yep, she has a favorite. So, I am looking forward to bringing out Volume 3 eventuall…